Winter Pool Care Tips

For any pool owner, it’s important to take care of your winter pool to ensure you can use it during the next season.

We understand that it’s hard to know EVERYTHING you need, so we’ve compiled a short-list to help you care for your pool this winter.

Give it the Winter Pool Treatment

Before settling your swimming pool down for winter, perform some water testing to ensure the chemicals are balanced. You’ll want to make certain the pH and alkalinity of the water are at appropriate levels. Testing kits can be purchased from your local pool maintenance experts, and you can contact them with any concerns about chemical imbalances. Shock treatment may also be a good choice for your swimming pool.

A shock treatment involves giving your pool a very large dose of chlorine. Boosting its cleanliness and health for a longer period. Lastly, a quality algaecide should also be added to the pool water as this will aid in preventing unwanted algae growth. While adding these chemicals to your pool, be sure to run the filter for a few hours, to ensure the chemicals are spread evenly throughout the water.

Continued Winter Pool Maintenance

During the winter months themselves, you won’t need to spend a great deal of active time maintaining your pool. However, the filter should be run for several hours each week to keep the water from growing too stagnant. And to keep chemicals flowing properly. Additionally, you should perform water tests every few weeks to ascertain that the chemicals are still at the correct levels.

Following this simple plan of winter maintenance is a breeze. So when the temperatures rise and the bathing suits come out, your pristine swimming pool will be ready for you.

Have any questions about keeping your pool in top shape this winter? Contact us here!

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