Your Pool In Winter

During the long winter months when your pool isn’t in use, caring for your pool in winter even more important.

Don’t let it sit there forgotten about until next season.

The better you take care of it now, the easier it will be to open for next season!

Pool Covers

In colder areas, many of you closed your pools months ago to protect your pool from the harsh conditions. Adding a pool cover is a necessity to protect your pool from snow, debris and any animals, so it’s important all pool owners understand how to maintain them.

First, ensure that your winter pool cover is securely attached to your pool. That can mean for an above ground pool inflating the air pillow, tightening the cable, or securing cover clips. For an inground pool, you need to make sure the water blocks or bags are secured and all your safety components are in place.

Remove debris and water from your pool cover. Use a hose to remove plant debris, such as leaves and twigs, and a vacuum to remove any excess water.

Use a roof rake to pull the snow off your pool cover. The excess weight can cause damage, especially when dealing with above ground pools. It’s easiest to remove the snow when it’s still fresh, but always make sure to take the proper safety precautions when dealing with snow and ice.

Pool In Winter Chemistry

Most of us do not completely drain our pool in winter, so chemically balanced water is key to a clean swimming pool. Balanced water will prevent algae, bacteria, waterlines, and decontamination making the opening process much easier for pool owners.

Check your pool chemistry every two months when not in use. Improperly balanced pool chemistry can be the cause of algae and bacteria growth.

Discard all pool chemicals from the previous season. You don’t want to save the chemicals for the following year as they lose their potency.

Use an enzyme product to help break down non-living contamination and prevent a waterline ring from forming. Adding this product will save you from having to scrub your pool tile or finish when opening your pool in the spring.

Have any questions about the proper care for your pool during the winter? Contact us here!

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