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above-ground pools


Above-ground pools never stop evolving: here are a few advances that make these pools a better choice than ever!

Pool Decking and Coping

Above-ground pool decks should be freestanding structures adjacent to the pool, with the deck surface level with the coping of the pool. Proper pool coping holds the lining in place and provides stability to the structure of the pool. Decking can be arranged in many different configurations, so ask us about building above-ground pool decking that benefits your space the best.

Landscaping potential

With all the looks and styles available for your above-ground pool, you can pick the right pool for your yard – and even reinvent the space around the pool you choose!

Greater Height

While most above-ground pools used to all be the same height, they’ve grown! 52″ and 54″ pools are gradually replacing the old 48″ standard.

Alternative Chlorine Systems

Many above-ground pools are now compatible with salt-water chlorination systems: a low-cost, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly way to keep your pool clean that’s also gentle on the skin. If you’re interested in salt-water chlorination, be sure to mention this to your pool dealer so they can show you compatible models. You can choose this system when you buy your pool, or choose to upgrade later.

Resin Technology

Strong, rustproof and contoured for great looks, resin is now the leading material for above-ground pool construction. But steel, the trusty standby of above-ground pools, has also undergone constant improvement over the years through the development of new coatings and protective finishes to keep it from rusting or degrading.

Expanded Add-On Features

From step ladders and slides to energy efficient digital lighting there are endless choices of add-on's for you to customize your above-ground pools.


We know you have questions and concerns, that’s why when it comes to picking and creating your family pool we are the local experts you can trust. Here at Cincinnati Pool and Patio we will take your outdoor dream and make it a reality.

Rob Robertson

Cincinnati Pool and Patio / Manager

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