How To Choose Your Pool

Once you’ve decided to get a swimming pool, you have an endless array of options. So that you get the pool that is best for you and your family. You can pick the shape, the material, extras that can be installed around the pool. And, sometimes the most important factor of all, height. If your family is ready to purchase an above ground pool, we highly recommend reviewing these pool tips.

How Should You Choose The Size of Your Above Ground Pool?

Before making a purchase, we recommend you researching your local pool ordinances. To make sure the size of the pool you want aligns with your local codes and ordinances.

Based on Budget

Above-ground pools tend to come in three standard heights: 48 inches, generally used by people with families that have young children, and 52-54 inches, which is a little bit taller to allow for more swimming.

What is the layout plan?

Whether you plan on just having a margin along the top or you plan on having material along the bottom of your pool as well, subtract those inches so you can better imagine the height of the water and choose which height works best.

Who is the pool for?

The taller your above ground pool is, the more water you have and the more fun swimming can be. Especially if you or other adults are going to be the primary ones swimming in it. However, if you have children who are also going to be swimming then choosing a pool height, like the standard 48 inches, can be a safer choice.

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