National Pool Opening Day is Here!


There’s a national vacation for every date on the calendar and for every topic under the sun, but National Pool Opening Day is a holiday that all pool owners can get behind!

As a pool owner, you know there is a lot of tasks that go into opening your swimming pool. National Pool Opening Day is a great yearly reminder to upkeep the many components of your swimming pool to prepare for a fun and safe pool season.


You’ll want to test your water before you do anything else. You’ll need to test your pool chemical levels to see what to do before you start swimming.

There are a couple of ways to go about testing your pool water. You can buy a testing kit and do it yourself, or you can buy something like the pHin, that will test your water for you and tell you exactly what your pool needs to become swim ready.


When you’re buying shock tablets, don’t forget to get the other chemicals you need to re-balance the pool. Algaecide and water clarifiers help control the algae levels of your pool and will help your pool filter remove fine dirt particles it may normally miss.

Other chemicals you may need for your pool are sanitizer, water clarifier, waterline control, filter cleaner, or chlorine tablets.


You should examine all your pool equipment, especially the pump and filter. You want to make sure they’re working correctly or if they need to be replaced.

You’ll need to check your other pool equipment like pool valves, chlorinators, heaters, cleaners, skimmers, ladders, slides, and diving boards. It’s better to check these before pool season starts, to ensure they’re repaired or replaced before you want to swim.


Your heater will require some basic care and spring cleaning when prepping your pool. You’ll need to wash out the foundation and remove any cobwebs, leaves, or other debris around or in the heater. Make sure that you look over the drain holes and air vents to ensure they’re not obstructed. It’s common for leaves to get inside your heater, but they can harm your heater if they’re inside while it’s running.

Open Your Pool Today!

Inground Pools

Equipment reassembly for your inground pool can be a little complicated, so if you’re feeling intimidated be sure to call an expert. You’ll want to start by screwing the drain plugs back into your pump, filter, and heater with Teflon tape. When your water level raises to the appropriate height, you can remove your winter plugs from the skimmer and wall returns. This will help flood the lines.

Next, you’ll want to fill the pump with water from a hose and seal the lid tightly. Then you will open the filter, open the suction valves, and turn on your pump. This is the best and easiest way to flush out the skimmer and drain of your pool.

Above Ground Pools

First thing, you’ll want to connect your hose from the wall skimmer to your pool filter, pool pump, and the pool wall. (When you’re reassembling the pump and filter, you need to be sure that everything is tightly sealed.)

Now you’re going to fill the pool with water to the middle of the skimmer and open the air filter. Then you can open the valves to flood the lines and fill the pump with water.

Plug the pump into a grounded electrical outlet, open the suction and return valves, and remove any plugs in the pool skimmer and wall return. If you notice any leaks during this phase, you’ll want to shut off the pump and either try to fix the issue or plan for a replacement.

National Pool Opening Day is the last day of April every year! The best way to join in the festivities is to open your pool! If it’s still too early to open your pool you can join the party by getting out there, cleaning off the cover, and clean the surrounding equipment.

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How To Open Your Pool

open your pool

We know there’s still time before pool season starts. But there’s no harm in being extra prepared when spring rolls around. There’s, unfortunately, some necessary tasks and work that needs to be completed before you can open your pool for the season. If only there were some ways to make this daunting task seem easier. Luckily, we are here to help you with two time-saving tips on how to open your pool.

Clean The Deck First

Always sweep and clean your decking before you begin to clean your pool. Nothing will frustrate you more easily than watching leaves from your deck blow into your freshly skimmed and vacuumed pool.

Use Your Pump

If you’ve had a cover on the pool for the winter, chances are some water has pooled up on it. You can utilize your sump pump to drain the water off before you try to move it. This will help to eliminate excess debris from falling into your pool and also make the cover much easier to move and open your pool. (You can also create a siphon effect with your garden hose to remove water from the top.)

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