Natures Pure Spa Purge Hot Tub Cleaner – 32 Fl. Oz.

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32 Fl. Oz. Bottle Natures Pure Spa Purge hot tub cleaner

Natures Pure Spa Purge; hot tub, jet line cleaner

Over time, even a well maintained spa or jetted bathtub will accumulate unseen, bacteria breeding deposits in the plumbing lines. While chemicals keep your spa water clean, they are ineffective in dissolving dirt, soap, and mineral deposits hidden within your plumbing. Purging the spa rids your plumbing lines of bacteria but unlike other less advanced formulas it is effective in cleaning jet bodies and does not require you to drain and fill your spa twice. Using Natures Pure Spa Purge each time you drain and fill your hot tub will help protect your pump seals and heater element.

1. Remove and clean filter and keep outside of spa
2. Before you drain your spa add 32 oz. of Natures Pure Spa Purge to warm water
3. With filter out, turn pump(s) on and run jets for 15 minutes
4. Turn pump(s) off and let it sit for 1 hour
5. Drain spa and while draining hose off all side walls
6. Refill spa according to directions
NOTE: Some residual foaming may occur. If so, use foam away to suppress. For Jetted bathtubs holding less than 15 gallons use 8 oz.

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