Pool Skimmer Basket Socks LARGE – 5pk


SKU: 58307_100_000

5-Pack Large Pool Skimmer Basket Socks

Pool Skimmer Basket Socks – 5 Pack – Large

The Skimmer Socks easily stretch over the top of the skimmer basket top for a tight grip. Skimmer Socks traps all types of debris such as hair, pollen, insects, grass, leaves and other small debris from clogging your swimming pool pump or filter. Skimmer Socks can be rinsed out and reused over and over again and fits virtually all skimmer baskets.

Skimmer Sock Features:

  • Skimmer Basket Socks – 5 Pack
  • Large size fits extra large baskets
  • Stops Debris Before it Clogs your Pump and Filter
  • Each Pouch Lasts 4-6 Weeks and is Simple to Clean