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Cincinnati Pool and Patio – Backyard Transformations for Eastgate

Eastgate Pool and Patio Services
We have everything for Eastgate pool and patio services at Cincinnati Pool & Patio. We provide a variety of services, from swimming pool installation to landscaping. With us, you can create a summer oasis in your backyard. You’ll find a variety of spas, patio furniture, grills, and more with Cincinnati Pool and Patio.

Leading Pool Installation in Eastgate

Cincinnati Pool and Patio has a wide range of products and experts for your pool. We will make sure that your summer by your pool will be a memorable experience.

Eastgate In-Ground Pools

With in-ground pools, the pool itself matters little. It’s the installation and skill of the installer that matters the most. We offer a variety of pool types to choose from. Our experts are always in high demand to install their backyard investment. Our company gets over 50% of its business from referrals. Because of this, you know you’re getting an installation that will last a lifetime.

Eastgate Above-Ground Pools

In-ground pools take up a large amount of backyard space. Above-ground pools are a popular choice if you don’t have enough space for an in-ground pool. We provide Eastgate residents with quality above-ground pools. We also provide a selection of decking and landscaping options. We can even customize your above-ground pool by adding lighting, stepladders, or slides. Get in touch with us to learn how we can make your above-ground pool something special.

Pool Accessories

If you need a pool accessory, Cincinnati Pool and Patio is here for you. We carry everything from liners and covers, to cleaning accessories and pool toys. The chemical products you need to maintain your pool are also available in our store. You won’t have to drive around town looking for the right equipment. Our sales pros will also be able to recommend the correct products for your pool. You’ll never again have to guess what to choose to keep up with Eastgate pool maintenance.

Pool Openings and Closings

It can be difficult to open or close your pool on your own at the beginning or end of the season. By scheduling your pool opening and closing with us you can cut the stress of the summer season. Instead, you can focus on what really matters: enjoying yourself by the pool. We’ll take care of the foundation, water, attachments, filters, chemicals, and everything else.

Perfect Patios for Eastgate

A patio is a special part of your backyard. With the right furniture and décor, any patio can transform into the perfect backyard getaway. Cincinnati Pool and Patio provides the largest selection of Eastgate patio furniture. You’ll find all the solutions for making your patio more enjoyable in our store.

Grills for the Best Eastgate Barbecues

Enjoy a tasty summer barbecue with a grill and grill accessories from our wide selection. We have a large collection of grills for you to choose from. We offer a variety of grill options for Eastgate homeowners who want to add a grill to their backyard. Our selection includes Firemagic, Napoleon, and other top brands.

Eastgate’s Sizzling Hot Tubs

When Eastgate wants a relaxing spa getaway in their backyard, they choose Cincinnati Pool and Patio. We have a variety of energy-efficient hot tubs in our showroom at affordable prices. No matter what size, color, or feature you want, we have it.

Eastgate Outdoor Décor

We can create the perfect outdoor space for anyone through a simple four-step process. It is important to us that your outdoor space meets your specific needs. That’s why we work hard to customize their design for you. Come in to see our Eastgate outdoor contractors with an idea of your ideal outdoor setup. The next step is to develop your plans, and after your approval, that’s it! Our team will begin constructing your backyard or patio. In no time, you will be enjoying and entertaining in it.

For Eastgate Pool and Patio Services, Choose Cincinnati Pool and Patio

Cincinnati Pool and Patio has everything to turn your backyard into your favorite space. Whether it’s the perfect pool or the best backyard barbecue setup, we’ve got it for you. Since 1966, Eastgate residents have trusted Cincinnati Pool and Patio as their go-to experts for all things outdoor living. We give honest advice and superb service with pools, grills, hot tubs, patios, and more. Come see why Cincinnati Pool and Patio is the region’s leading expert on backyards. Visit our store or contact us, and we’ll get you started with your summer outdoor needs.