How To Get The Most Out of Your Hot Tub: Fall Edition

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The warm days of summer are coming to an end and the nights are getting steadily cooler. As the weather shifts into an autumn chill, most people find themselves enjoying their hot tubs on a more frequent basis. Now is a great time to prepare your spa for fall use. Following the simple steps below will ensure you get the most out of your hot tub this season!

Hot Tub Cover Care

Early fall is the perfect time to clean and treat your spa cover for the coming cold season!

To properly clean your cover:

Hose down the vinyl to loosen dirt and grime.
Apply the gentle non-abrasive oil-free cleaner on a rag or soft sponge.
Wipe off dirt and grime, regularly hosting off rag or sponge to prevent smearing.
After the cover is dry, apply alcohol and oil-free protectant.

Cleaning/Replacing Your Filter Cartridge

It’s good practice to clean your filters every time you drain and refill your spa. Not only because a clean filter promotes cleaner water and reduces cloudiness, but also because it increases the longevity of the filter itself. With regular cleaning, your filter should be replaced about once every 6 months. So, if you replaced your filter in the spring, it’s time for a new one.

Spa System Flushing

Flushing your spa plumbing system prior to draining will save you time in the long run by eliminating scum build-up in the pipes which often cause water balancing problems if left unchecked. We recommend Spa System Flush for its unsurpassed cleaning performance and economical price.


Always start your hot tub draining procedure by shutting off the heater and powering off the spa, then switching off the power service at the breaker panel or disconnect box for safety. Once the power is shut off to your tub, you can resume your normal training routine.


Before refilling your spa, take time to wipe down the shell with a rag and gentle non-foaming cleanser. This will remove the remaining contaminants and help you to start your hot tub with cleaner clearer water. If you have well water or live in an area with hard water, consider using a hose-end pre-filter to filter out excess minerals and other small particles before they enter the spa. A pre-filter can also prevent hard-to-remove waterline stains and scale build-up on the equipment.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hot-Tub In The Summer


Your Hot-Tub in the Summer

In the middle of the summer heat, the last thing that you want to do is sit in warm hot-tub water. But, if you want to get the most out of your hot tub, you should not restrict yourself to only using it during the colder months.

Your hot tub doesn’t have to be hot. Full stop. Yes, you read that correctly. You can actually use your hot-tub to cool off in the summer.

This might seem odd at first, but you’ll find that dip in your hot-tub during summer can be a relaxing experience.

Here are some easy tips on how to enjoy your hot tub in the middle of summer:

Lower the temperature of your spa

This might seem like a simple tip that goes without saying but many people don’t realize that their hot-tub can be made cool just by changing the temperature.

If you set the water temperature to somewhere between 82-85 degree Fahrenheit, the water will feel cool to the touch.

Be conscientious of when you cover your spa

On sunny days, you should keep your spa covered when you’re not using it. While covered, the insulation will keep the water cool and won’t allow it to absorb the heat around it.

At night, when it’s cool, run the spa with the cover off. Natural evaporation will lower the temperature of the water and make it the perfect temperature to relax in.

Turn the heater off

If where you live gets too hot or humid, you can turn off the heater of your spa completely. This will ensure that your spa stays cool enough for you to enjoy.

Summertime mode

Check to see if your spa has a summertime mode setting. This setting will reduce the filter time in your spa. Too much circulation will increase the temperature of your spa.

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Care Tips For Your Spa

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Care Tips For Your Spa

Spas are some of the most luxurious additions you can add to your home. Not only do they help you physically relax, but they provide great entertainment for guests of all ages. Naturally, you want to keep the benefits of your spa flowing for as long as you can. The following routines will help you maintain your spa in peak condition for years.

1. Check And Adjust Chemicals

Once a week, check the various chemical levels of your spa water. You will have to check alkalinity, water hardness, chlorine or bromine levels, and calcium. There are test strips in any pool store that you can use. The chlorine and bromine are for keeping the water sanitized and preventing algae. You can use either chemical. The chlorine level should be 1.5-3 PPM. Bromine should be 3-5 PPM.

The other tests are for keeping scales from forming in your tub from minerals in the water. Add one chemical at a time while the water is running for maximum effectiveness.

2. Change Filter Regularly

Twice a week, take the filter out of its home and rinse the pleats out with cool water. You want to remove the debris, and then let them dry out completely.

Every 3-4 months, you can give your filter a more thorough going over by soaking it in a granular filter cleaner. Rinse it and then let it soak overnight in the solution. Let it dry thoroughly before putting.

3. Change Water Regularly

How often you should change the water depends on the amount of use the spa gets. Anywhere from 2-4 times a year should work. The important thing is to add a flush product to the water for a thorough cleaning once a year. Generally, these flushes should be added at least 20 minutes before you drain the water and when the temperature will be above freezing. Remove the filter for a thorough draining.

4. Leave It Running

The pump in your spa keeps water circulating to discourage algae and move debris into the filter. Run the spa at least 12 hours out of the day for peak performance.

If you follow these routines, your spa will work at maximum efficiency for years, which will reduce wear on the inner workings. If you have any questions about how to care for your spa, feel free to contact us. We are leaders in the spa making business, and we are only too glad to lend our expertise.

The Benefits of Installing a Hot Tub

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Installing a Hot Tub

Have you ever considered installing a hot tub for your home? A hot can be a fun and relaxing way for you to spend your time. There are many benefits to owning a hot tub. Here are a few reasons why you should install a hot tub for your home this summer.

Relax After a Swim

If you’ve been playing hard and spending a lot of time swimming around your pool, a hot tub can be a relaxing way to unwind and soothe your muscles after you’re done. Not to mention, sometimes you need a way to warm up after you get out of that cold pool!

Hot Tubs Are Great for Socializing

Looking for a fun new way to hang out and relax with a cold drink and a few friends? Hot tubs are a great way to bring a social dimension to your pool time. They can also be a nice little bonus to any pool party.

Hot Tubs Can Add Value to Your Home

When it comes time to sell your home, it’s nice to have a little added value to make it easier to sell. Hot tubs can add to the desirability of your home and increase its value.

If you are looking for a way to spruce things up around your pool this summer, consider getting a hot tub installed. Cincinnati Pool & Patio has a knowledgeable staff that can help you with all your hot tub needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to making your hot tub dreams a reality.