Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Patio Furniture for Comfort and Style

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Your backyard should be an inviting extension of your living space, offering both style and comfort. A key component of creating that oasis is selecting the perfect patio furniture to complement your outdoor setting. High-quality patio furniture showcases your unique taste and provides you with a luxurious space for relaxation, socializing, and dining al fresco. Choosing the right patio furniture involves thoughtful consideration of various factors, including materials, style, durability, and versatile functionality that suit your outdoor space and personal preferences.

In this ultimate guide, we will explore essential tips, expert advice, and crucial factors to consider when selecting the perfect patio furniture. We’ll discuss various materials, styles, and functionalities, all designed to cater to each individual’s unique preferences and outdoor space. Additionally, we will delve into essential maintenance and storage tips to prolong the life of your outdoor furniture and keep it looking its best.

Whether your taste leans towards modern minimalism or classic elegance, the right patio furniture can elevate the beauty and usability of your backyard, transforming it into the idyllic outdoor retreat you’ve always envisioned. When it comes to creating an inviting atmosphere and comfortable setting for your outdoor area, remember that Cincinnati Pool and Patio (CPP Cincy) is here to help with a wide range of stylish and high-quality patio furniture options, ensuring that every backyard dream can become a reality.

1. Material Matters: Choosing the Right Material for Your Patio Furniture

Selecting the right materials for your patio furniture is crucial in determining its durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Consider the following popular materials when making your decision:

  • Aluminum: Lightweight and rust-resistant, aluminum is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Powder-coating adds extra protection against the elements and allows for various colors and finishes to suit your style.
  • Wrought Iron: Offering timeless elegance and unmatched durability, wrought iron is exceptionally strong and can withstand various weather conditions. Customizable with cushions and available in numerous designs, wrought iron furniture provides both style and comfort.
  • Wood: Both natural and beautiful, wooden furniture adds warmth and sophistication to any outdoor space. When properly treated and maintained, hardwoods like teak, eucalyptus, and cedar are built to last and can withstand the elements while aging gracefully.
  • Resin Wicker: Designed for outdoor use, resin wicker is lightweight, UV-resistant, and durable. With its classic appeal and variety of colors, resin wicker furniture offers versatility and easy maintenance.

2. Combining Style and Comfort: Selecting Patio Furniture That Fits Your Aesthetic and Lifestyle

Your patio furniture should reflect your unique taste while providing optimal comfort. Take the following factors into account when making your selection:

  • Cushions and Upholstery: Look for cushions made with high-quality, weather-resistant fabrics that dry quickly and resist fading. Choose colors, patterns, and textures that complement your outdoor space and reflect your personal style.
  • Ergonomics: Prioritize ergonomics and consider furniture that accommodates proper posture and relaxation. Opt for seating with armrests, lumbar support, and enough depth to keep your legs comfortable.
  • Scale and Proportion: Select furniture that fits harmoniously with the scale of your outdoor space. Balance larger seating arrangements with smaller accents, like side tables or planters.

3. Functionality and Versatility: Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space with Adaptive Furniture

A truly functional outdoor space should be versatile, catering to various activities and needs. Keep these tips in mind when selecting your patio furniture:

  • Multi-functional Pieces: Invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as storage ottomans, modular seating, or convertible dining tables. These pieces allow you to easily adapt your space for different activities and gatherings.
  • Expandable Dining: If you plan to host large gatherings, consider expandable dining tables that accommodate varying guest numbers, saving space and time.
  • Layout and Traffic Flow: Plan a functional furniture layout that promotes ease of movement and conversation. Arrange seating groups, and ensure pathways around tables and chairs are clear and accessible.

4. Maintenance and Storage: Protecting and Preserving Your Patio Furniture’s Lifespan

Maintaining and storing your patio furniture properly will ensure it looks its best and lasts for seasons. Follow these essential tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: Routinely clean your patio furniture to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Use mild soap and water for most materials, while wood furniture may require specialized cleaners and treatments.
  • Protective Covers: Invest in high-quality covers to protect your patio furniture from the elements when it’s not in use. Look for water-resistant, breathable, and UV-protective materials that provide a snug fit.
  • Off-Season Storage: During the off-season or extreme weather, store your patio furniture in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated space, such as a garage or basement, to protect it from harsh conditions.


Creating a luxurious outdoor living space that balances style and comfort involves careful consideration of materials, design, functionality, and maintenance. By selecting patio furniture that complements your personal preferences and outdoor setting, you can instantly elevate the beauty and usability of your backyard, transforming it into the ultimate retreat for relaxation and dining al fresco.

Remember that investing in high-quality, durable patio furniture ensures that your outdoor space remains aesthetically appealing and comfortable for years to come. Cincinnati Pool and Patio (CPP Cincy) offers a wide range of stylish and well-crafted patio furniture options, making it easy to find the perfect pieces to create an outdoor sanctuary that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle.

Ready to enhance your outdoor living experience with exceptional patio furniture in Cincinnati? Get in touch with CPP Cincy today and discover our vast selection of stylish, comfortable, and high-quality patio furniture that will turn your backyard into a picturesque outdoor paradise.

Top 4 Unique Patio Furniture Ideas to Elevate Your Backyard Oasis

Outdoor patio furniture

A well-designed outdoor living space can significantly enhance the beauty and functionality of your home while offering an ideal spot for relaxation, entertainment, and dining al fresco. With an eye for creativity and attention to detail, you can transform your backyard patio into an inviting and stylish oasis, tailor-made for creating unforgettable memories with your friends and family. As one of the leading providers of pool and patio furniture in Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati Pool & Patio is proud to showcase four unique patio furniture ideas that will not only elevate your outdoor space but also reflect your individual style and preferences.

In this blog article, we invite you to explore the impressive world of patio furniture design, where innovative styles, vibrant colors, and premium materials come together to make your backyard a true reflection of your personality and taste. From ingenious multi-functional pieces and bold statement furniture to exciting fusion of styles and chic upholstered seating, our carefully curated list of patio furniture ideas is sure to inspire your next backyard project.

At Cincinnati Pool & Patio, we understand the power of an impeccably designed outdoor space to bring people together, foster connections, and add a touch of luxury to your everyday life. Our extensive selection of stylish, durable, and comfortable patio furniture is expertly crafted to ensure that your backyard remains an enchanting destination for relaxation and celebration for years to come.

1. Assessing Your Outdoor Space and Requirements

Before you start browsing patio furniture options, take the time to analyze your outdoor space and identify your specific needs and preferences. Consider the following factors:

– Space size and shape: Measure your patio or deck area and take note of its dimensions, shape, and any obstructions, such as posts or steps. This information will guide you in selecting appropriately sized furniture.

– Functionality: Determine how you plan to use your outdoor space – whether for dining, entertaining, or relaxation – and make a list of necessary furniture pieces that cater to these activities.

– Budget considerations: Establish a budget for your patio furniture investment, and prioritize items that are essential for creating your desired outdoor living experience.

2. Exploring Various Patio Furniture Styles and Materials

With a clear understanding of your outdoor space and requirements, you can start exploring various styles and materials that will best suit your patio design. Consider these popular options:

– Classic: Timeless options, such as wrought iron or teak furniture, offer an elegant and traditional appeal. These materials are often versatile, fitting well with various design styles.

– Contemporary: For a modern and sleek look, consider aluminum or stainless steel furniture with clean lines and minimalist designs. These materials are typically lightweight, durable, and low-maintenance.

– Rustic: Create a cozy and warm atmosphere with rustic furniture pieces made from distressed or reclaimed wood, or opt for synthetic resin wicker that replicates the charm of natural materials.

3. Focusing on Comfort and Functionality

When choosing your patio furniture, prioritize comfort and functionality to ensure a pleasant outdoor living experience. Keep these tips in mind when making your selections:

– Seating options: Opt for chairs, benches, or sofas with ergonomic designs and comfortable cushions. Look for weather-resistant fabrics that are easy to maintain and clean, such as solution-dyed acrylic or polyester fabrics.

– Adjustable and modular furniture: Multi-functional pieces, such as adjustable loungers and modular sofa sets, can provide versatility and adaptability to your changing needs and preferences.

– Storage solutions: Incorporate storage-friendly outdoor furniture, like storage benches or coffee tables with built-in compartments, to keep your patio neat and clutter-free.

4. Ensuring Proper Care and Maintenance

To prolong the lifespan and maintain the appearance of your patio furniture, follow these care and maintenance tips:

– Cleaning: Clean your patio furniture periodically using mild soap and water or specific cleaning products recommended for the chosen materials. Dust off any loose dirt, and gently scrub surfaces to remove stains or built-up grime.

– Protective measures: Invest in weather-resistant furniture covers to shield your furniture from harsh elements, or store items indoors during the off-season or extreme weather conditions. This will help minimize damage from prolonged sun exposure, rain, or ice.

– Regular inspections: Inspect your furniture frequently for signs of wear or damage, such as loose screws, chipping paint, or rust spots. Address these issues promptly to prevent further degradation and ensure the safety and aesthetics of your outdoor space.


Choosing the right patio furniture involves careful consideration of your outdoor space, individual needs, preferred style, and various material options. By paying attention to comfort, functionality, and maintenance, you can create a stylish and enjoyable backyard retreat that will serve you well for years to come.

Ready to start browsing patio furniture sets that combine quality, style, and comfort? Visit Cincinnati Pool & Patio today to explore our extensive selection of outdoor patio furniture offerings. Our expert team is eager to assist you in finding the perfect pieces to create an inviting and functional outdoor living space you’ll love.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Patio Furniture: Style, Durability, and Comfort

patio with furniture

Outdoor living spaces are an essential aspect of your backyard aesthetics, and the right patio furniture can significantly elevate your patio’s overall look and your family’s comfort level. However, finding the perfect combination of style, durability, and comfort can be overwhelming, especially with the vast array of options available.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati Pool and Patio (CPP Cincy) is your regional shopping destination for high-quality patio furniture and backyard essentials. Our knowledgeable staff can offer expert guidance and insights to help you choose the ideal patio furniture set that best suits your taste, lifestyle, and budget, transforming your outdoor living area into a fun and comfortable backyard experience.

In this informative article, we will discuss expert tips and advice on selecting the perfect patio furniture set. From choosing weather-resistant materials to considering layout options and identifying your desired design style, these insights will help you confidently make the right choices for your backyard retreat. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to look for in patio furniture, allowing you to create a luxurious and enjoyable outdoor living space that you and your guests will love.

1. Choosing Weather-Resistant and Durable Materials

When selecting your patio furniture, it’s essential to consider materials that can withstand exposure to the elements, be easy to maintain, and guarantee long-lasting performance. Here are several popular choices and their specific benefits:

– Teak: As a durable and weather-resistant hardwood, teak can withstand harsh weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance. Its natural oils repel water, resist decay, and prevent warping, making it a top choice for outdoor furniture.

– Aluminum: This lightweight and rust-resistant material is an ideal choice for outdoor furniture due to its long-lasting nature and low-maintenance requirements. Powder-coated aluminum is especially resistant to chipping and peeling, providing an extra layer of protection.

– Wrought iron: Offering superior strength and durability, wrought iron furniture is a classic choice for outdoor spaces. To prevent rusting, look for pieces coated with weather-resistant paint and remember to inspect periodically for damage or paint chipping.

– Resin wicker: Synthetic wicker, made from high-density polyethylene, offers the charm of traditional wicker but with enhanced weather resistance and low-maintenance benefits.

2. Focusing on Comfort and Functionality

Your patio furniture should provide not only stylish design but also a comfortable and functional outdoor living space. Keep the following tips in mind when selecting your furniture:

– Ergonomics and comfort: Pay attention to ergonomics and choose chairs with supportive backs and comfortable seating. Opt for deep seating sofas or adjustable loungers, and consider adding cushions made from weather-resistant fabrics.

– Multipurpose furniture: Look for furniture pieces that offer dual functionality, such as storage benches, flip-top tables, or multifunctional ottomans. These versatile pieces can help maximize space and provide practical solutions for your patio needs.

– Room to move: When planning your furniture layout, ensure that there is plenty of space to walk and move around the seating area. Arrange furniture to allow for natural pathways, while optimizing your patio’s layout for relaxation and conversation.

3. Defining Your Design Style and Aesthetic

Your patio furniture should reflect your personal style and complement your home’s exterior design. Consider the following tips to create a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic:

– Identify your design style: Determine if your preference leans towards modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic design styles. This will help you narrow down your furniture options and guide your overall patio aesthetic.

– Color coordination: Select a color palette that complements your home’s exterior and landscaping. You can either opt for neutral tones that seamlessly blend with the surroundings or choose vibrant colors to create a bold statement.

– Adding accents and accessories: Complement your patio furniture with coordinating outdoor rugs, throw pillows, and decorative accents. These items can tie the space together and create visual interest.

4. Proper Maintenance and Care for Longevity

To ensure your patio furniture looks its best and lasts for years, follow these maintenance and care tips:

– Clean regularly: Keep your patio furniture clean by dusting and wiping surfaces regularly. Use mild soap and water for general cleaning, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific materials.

– Protect from harsh elements: Consider investing in protective covers or storing patio furniture indoors during off-season months or extreme weather conditions. This will help prolong the lifespan of your furniture and safeguard it from damage.

– Inspect and repair: Periodically inspect your patio furniture for signs of wear, such as loosened screws, rust spots, or fraying fabric. Address these issues promptly to avoid further damage and maintain the appearance and safety of your outdoor space.


By considering weather-resistant materials, comfort, functionality, and design aesthetics when choosing your patio furniture, you can create an outdoor living space that is both stylish and enjoyable. With proper maintenance and care, your outdoor haven will remain a beautiful and welcoming retreat for years to come.

Are you inspired to find the perfect patio furniture in Cincinnati for your outdoor living space? Cincinnati Pool and Patio offers an extensive range of stylish and durable outdoor furniture options, as well as expert guidance to help you make the right choice. Visit us today and let our team assist you in selecting the ideal pieces that will transform your backyard into a relaxing and luxurious escape.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Patio Furniture for Your Backyard Oasis


Is there anything more appealing than a beautifully furnished outdoor area designed for relaxation and enjoying endless hours of leisure with friends and family? With the right patio furniture, your backyard can easily become your personal sanctuary, offering endless opportunities for entertainment, relaxation, and fun gatherings. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to sip your morning coffee or an inviting space for weekend barbecues, it all starts with finding the perfect patio furniture that suits your needs, style, and budget.

Patio furniture comes in various materials, styles, and designs, making it overwhelming to choose the right pieces for your outdoor space. From teak and wrought iron to aluminum and wicker, each material has specific attributes that cater to different needs and preferences. Moreover, selecting the best combination of seating, tables, accessories, and shade options requires thoughtful consideration of factors like comfort, durability, and aesthetics. Understanding these factors, as well as your lifestyle and climate, will help you make informed decisions and create an outdoor living space tailored to your needs.

To help you make the most informed decision about your outdoor furnishings, this guide will delve into various aspects of patio furniture, including the benefits and drawbacks of popular materials, essential pieces for different types of outdoor spaces, and the latest trends in outdoor living. Additionally, we will offer practical tips on maintaining and caring for your patio furniture to ensure lasting beauty and functionality.

Ready to relax in style and comfort? Dive into our ultimate guide to choosing the perfect patio furniture and get started on creating your dream backyard oasis. Remember, here at Cincinnati Pool & Patio, we carry an extensive range of high-quality patio furniture and accessories to suit every style and budget, so be sure to visit our website or store to explore our exceptional collection and bring your outdoor paradise to life.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Patio Furniture

Selecting the ideal material for your patio furniture is crucial to ensure it lasts long, stays comfortable, and complements your outdoor space’s overall aesthetic. Below, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of some popular materials used in patio furniture:

1. Aluminum: Lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion, aluminum patio furniture makes for an excellent choice, especially in areas with humid or salty climates. It requires minimal maintenance and can be easily moved around to suit your needs. However, aluminum furniture can be susceptible to scratches and dents and might not hold up well in extremely windy conditions.

2. Wrought Iron: Known for its timeless elegance and unmatched sturdiness, wrought iron patio furniture is a classic choice that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It requires occasional repainting to prevent rust and may need cushions for added comfort since it can be heavy and uncomfortable for extended periods.

3. Teak: A sought-after material for high-end patio furniture, teak is a dense hardwood known for its natural oils that protect against decay, insects, and harsh weather. With its beautiful and durable design, teak furniture can last for decades with proper care, but it can be more expensive than other options.

4. Resin Wicker: Combining the classic look of wicker with the durability of polyethylene and PVC materials, resin wicker patio furniture is a popular choice for outdoor living spaces. It is lightweight, weather-resistant, and requires minimal maintenance. However, it can be vulnerable to UV exposure and might fade or become brittle over time.

Selecting Essential Patio Furniture Pieces for Your Outdoor Space

Once you’ve decided on the ideal material for your patio furniture, it’s time to choose the essential pieces for your outdoor living area. Consider the following options based on your needs:

1. Seating: Comfortable and stylish seating options are vital for creating a cozy and inviting outdoor space. Consider sofas, loveseats, armchairs, or a combination of these to accommodate your family and friends. Additionally, include chaise lounges, rockers, or hammocks if you want to create a more relaxing experience.

2. Dining: Whether you plan to host elaborate dinner parties or enjoy simple family meals, a suitable dining set is essential. Choose a dining table that accommodates your desired number of guests and complements your outdoor space’s size. Accompany it with comfortable dining chairs to make every meal a pleasurable experience.

3. Coffee Tables and Side Tables: To maximize the functionality of your patio area, include coffee tables and side tables for convenience and storage. These pieces can hold beverages, books, and decorative items, so consider the size, shape, and style that best suits your preferences.

4. Shade Solutions: Protect your family, friends, and patio furniture from the harsh sun by incorporating shade solutions. Options like patio umbrellas, pergolas, and retractable awnings can make your outdoor living more enjoyable and extend the lifespan of your furniture.

Embracing the Latest Trends in Patio Furniture and Outdoor Living

Stay up-to-date with the latest patio furniture trends to create an outdoor space that is fashionable and functional:

1. Modular Furniture: Flexible and versatile, modular patio furniture like sectional sofas and multi-purpose ottomans are growing in popularity as they allow you to rearrange and customize your space according to your needs.

2. Mixed Materials: Combining different materials like teak and aluminum or resin wicker and metal can add depth, texture, and character to your outdoor living area.

3. Bold Colors and Patterns: Revamp your patio furniture by incorporating colorful cushions, throw pillows, and outdoor rugs with vibrant patterns and hues to make your backyard livelier and more inviting.

4. Eco-Friendly Options: As more people focus on sustainability, opt for patio furniture made from recycled materials or eco-friendly wood like FSC-certified teak and eucalyptus.

Maintaining and Caring for Your Patio Furniture

To extend the life and beauty of your patio furniture, follow these care and maintenance tips:

1. Cleaning: Regularly clean your furniture to prevent dirt build-up, staining, and mildew growth. Use a mild soap and water solution and a soft-bristle brush or cloth to scrub gently. Always rinse thoroughly and let the furniture air dry.

2. Protecting: To maintain the color and finish of your furniture, apply a UV-resistant spray, or use furniture covers when not in use. For materials like teak and wrought iron, apply a teak oil or rust-proofing paint as needed for added protection.

3. Storing: During winter months or extreme weather conditions, store your patio furniture indoors or in a well-ventilated and dry outdoor storage area. This will prolong the life of your furniture and keep it looking its best when it’s time to use it again.


Creating a comfortable and stylish outdoor living area involves choosing the right patio furniture made from durable materials, selecting essential pieces to suit your preferences, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. With this guide, you can transform your backyard into an engaging retreat perfect for rest and relaxation. Remember that Cincinnati Pool & Patio offers an extensive collection of patio furniture backed by expert advice, so visit us today to embark on your journey towards an ideal outdoor space.

Ready to create your dream backyard oasis? Shop at Cincinnati Pool & Patio today for our premium selection of patio furniture, and let our experts guide you through the process of designing your perfect outdoor living space!

Patio Furniture: How To Prepare For Spring


Patio Furniture: How To Prepare For Spring

Clean and comfortable patio furniture helps you create a relaxing spot for your family during warm weather. Preparing your patio is fairly simple and is an easy way to refresh your outdoor living space.

Before you clean your furniture, assess it. Look for stains, mold or missing parts. Replace any lost foot caps or tighten loose screws. If a piece is too wobbly or damaged to be safely used, discard it and buy a replacement.

Vinyl is your Best Friend

Vinyl covers should be used during foul weather or the off-season. Water-resistant patio table covers with UV protection to help prevent fading are optimal when protecting your outdoor table. Covers that protect both chairs and tables are available, so check the size for what you might need.

How To Clean Your Patio Furniture

Depending on what type you have, you will have to use a different method to clean it.

Metal requires very little cleaning. You can simply spray with a bit of water or mild soap and you should see a clean surface.

Hardwood can last longer once you clean it with penetrating oil to help resist moisture.

Wicker is probably the most difficult material to clean: Spray it with a hose, and for more difficult cases, use a soft brush and mild soap to work out stubborn areas of moss or mildew.

Cushions, canvases, or vinyl covers also require cleaning — make sure you allow enough time for it to dry before storing.

If your outdoor furniture is in bad shape and needs to be replaced, contact us. We have a wide selection of many different types of pool and patio furniture by the finest manufacturers.

Need help preparing your patio furniture or looking for a new set? Contact us here!

How To Prepare Your Patio in Winter

patio furniture in fall

Prepping Your Patio

It’s December and you are sitting around your outdoor fire pit enjoying the quiet. For those of us who live in colder climates, that scene is just a dream. Because our patio in winter gets little use.

Instead of just letting your patio fend for itself during those cold, snowy months though, it is a good idea to prepare it for the long winter ahead.

Accessories on your patio in winter

Instead of leaving all of your decorations up to be ruined by the snow and ice of the winter season, store them in a large plastic container. Do not forget to take down your metal wall art pieces, as they may rust during the winter too!

Outdoor living space flooring options

Most patios are created with pavers of a slab of cement. It is important to clear the area of snow and ice. Especially during the winter months to keep the flooring intact. Ice that gets between the pavers can cause your patio to look uneven and buckled come spring. It is also a good idea to use ice melting pellets that are eco- and pet-safe in any area where your family or pets will be walking.

By taking care of your patio furniture and area before and during the winter season, you can be assured that you will have a space to enjoy in the warmer weather.

Patio furniture

Patio furniture is made to withstand the elements, but patio cushions are not. The best thing to do is invest in some weatherproof covers for your patio furniture frames and bring your cushions indoors during the winter months.

By covering the frames you help reduce rust and rot. It also makes them a bit easier to clean when the warmer weather rolls around. After washing and wiping down the cushions, let them dry completely and store them in a large plastic trash bag.

If you neglect the space during the cold months, be prepared for some major clean-up and possible damage when you head out to enjoy a glass of wine by your fire pit in the spring.

A little preventative maintenance and upkeep can save you a lot of time, money, and energy!

Have any questions about keeping your patio in top shape this winter? Contact us here!

3 Ways To Enjoy Your Backyard This Winter

backyard in winter

Enjoy Your Backyard in Winter

The cold is here to stay. As soon as you step outdoors, you are met by the chill-inducing wind, which whips at you with no remorse. The cold makes you wear multiple layers of clothing and requires you to have a warm drink in your hand at all times.

Winter in Ohio can be rough, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside your house and covered with three blankets watching Netflix until spring.

Here are ways you can still enjoy your backyard in Winter!


As we mentioned earlier, staying warm during winter can be difficult. However, you don’t have to retreat indoors. You can enjoy the still peace of nature while thawing out by an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. Bring the blankets and the hot chocolate for a relaxing time with your family or friends.


When it snows, you often dread shoveling your driveway, cleaning off your car and dealing with other drivers on the road. Why not take a break from shoveling and go have some fun in your backyard? You can build a snowman, construct an igloo or snow fort and have a snowball fight.


One great thing you can do year-round on your patio is grilling. Don’t let the bitter cold and snow stand in your way from eating delicious steak, chicken, and burgers. Just remember to prepare and make sure that your grill has fresh dry charcoal or a fresh tank of gas.

If you want to learn more about how you can enjoy your backyard during the winter, we encourage you to contact us today!

Your Backyard and Patio: Thanksgiving Edition

party in backyard

Thanksgiving Backyard

With October behind us, it’s time to look forward to Thanksgiving and the holidays! This year, do something a bit unexpected—take your feast outside.

It’s totally doable for those who live in warmer climates. And even in the Midwest, it’s sometimes unseasonably warm in November. With these tips and a bit of prep time, you can style a rustic outdoor supper your friends and family won’t soon forget.

Plus, an outdoor Thanksgiving is more festive (and chic) than being cooped up inside with football on the television.

Use these tips to make your Thanksgiving this year one to remember!

Use Pillows and Blankets to Stay Cozy

Even if it’s warm for November, there will still be a chill in the air on Thanksgiving. Use pillows and wool tartan throws to keep things casual, cozy and autumnal during your feast!

Food Table and Covers

To give everyone room at the table, use a separate table for food and dishes.

Other things you’ll need are mesh food coverings. Protect your delicious food from unwanted pests to ensure everyone can enjoy it!

Patio Lighting

Since the time change, it turns dark fairly early now. To extend your outside feast, you should strong lights around your patio!

Fire Pits

Be prepared for the chilly temperatures and place some firepits in your backyard. Not only will this help warm up your guest, but they can be used to roast marshmallows after dinner!

Yard Games

Outside yard games are a great way to fully enjoy your backyard during Thanksgiving. Some examples of games are cornhole, washers, horseshoes, badminton, and croquet!

Have any questions about your backyard or patio? Then contact us here!



How to Update Your Patio For Fall

fall furniture

Updating Your Patio

Just because the warm weather is giving way to cooler temperatures does not mean that your patio has to sit idly as the month’s pass. In fact, fall is a great time to take advantage of the outdoor space. There are several ways you can enjoy your backyard living area. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to extend the use of your patio into autumn.

1. Make it More Inviting

The point of a patio is to extend the living space of your home. Therefore, why not transform the area into a bit of a backyard paradise? While you can take on an expensive remodel, there are also some simple things you can do to make space a little cozier.

If your current patio set is worn down, broken or uncomfortable, you are not likely to spend much time outside. We would recommend taking the time to restore your patio furniture or splurge on something you will actually enjoy. No matter how you go about it, having the right furniture is essential.

Another way to keep the space warm and colorful is to get an outdoor rug to serve as a barrier between the cold concrete pavers and your feet. This extra splash of color is a simple – and cheap – way to make your patio cozier.

2. Light It Up

A sure sign of autumn is that the days get shorter, and nighttime comes sooner and sooner. As daylight fades, you may be inclined to head indoors unless you have properly outfitted your backyard space with the right lighting scheme. Depending on the theme of your space, you may choose to play with tiki-style lighting or even overhead appliances. For a fun look, consider stringing lights around the space, which works especially well if you have a deck or other structure to support it.


3. Keep It Warm


Another great way to make your patio useful this fall is to install a fire pit. In addition to creating heat, you can also use the pit for doing fall activities such as roasting marshmallows. Fire pits can be free-standing, which are typically more affordable, or you can have them added to the stonework of your existing space.

Have any questions about how to turn your patio into a perfect fall space? Contact us here!


Your Backyard: Fall Edition

patio furniture in fall

Your Backyard

Fall has arrived and it’s time to fill your backyard living area with cozy features perfect for fall.

Your backyard is a continuation of your home which showcases your style and personality. Why should that end with summer? Extend your time in the fresh air with outdoor seating areas that feel as cozy as your couch.

Secluded Backyard Living Space

We all need a getaway from time to time. Create a secluded area that feels warm and cozy in your own backyard. Natural landscaping creates the perfect backdrop for this unique fireplace and stone flooring. Add a few wicker chairs and a matching end table that mimic the surrounding landscape to enjoy your peaceful retreat for hours.

Add Some Sizzle

Don’t neglect your deck! With beautiful views or a custom outdoor space, your deck is the perfect place to enjoy the autumn air. Add a free-standing hot tub to stay warm on those chilly nights or enjoy time with family and friends.

Incorporate Greenery

Plants are a flexible, quick, and budget-friendly way to update your outdoor design each season. Adding vines to a pergola or fence softens the space while adding variety and interest. For a splash of color, consider potted plants that give you the flexibility to replace depending on the season or your color palette.

Backyard Living Room

A living room forms a gathering place in your home, so why not have the same outdoors? A pergola acts as a roof to create a defined space, just as your walls do indoors. With the addition of brick flooring, comfy furniture, and a warm fireplace, you’ll feel right at home.

Wanting to find the best features for your home? Contact us here or visit us!