Your Outdoor Furniture

High winds, dirt, grime, and cold can damage your outdoor furniture, and as a result, you may need to purchase new pieces within only a few years.

Use the following step-by-step guide to help you protect your patio furniture so that you can have a great backyard retreat year after year.

Clean Your Patio Furniture

This step depends on what sort of material your furniture is made of. Metal furniture requires very little cleaning. You can simply spray with a bit of water or mild soap and you should see a clean surface.

Hardwood furniture can last longer once you clean it with penetrating oil to help resist moisture.

Wicker is probably the most difficult material to clean: Spray it with a hose, and for more difficult cases, use a soft brush and mild soap to work out stubborn areas of moss or mildew.

Cushions, canvases, or vinyl covers for outdoor furniture also require cleaning — make sure you allow enough time for it to dry before storing.

Protect with Vinyl Covers

Vinyl covers should be used during foul weather or the off-season. Water-resistant patio table covers with UV protection to help prevent fading are optimal when protecting your outdoor table. Covers that protect both chairs and tables are available, so check the size for what you might need.

Store Your Items During Harsh Weather

For those living in areas that have more harsh winters, storage is the best option. When storing tables, consider also storing them with outdoor table covers on them to prevent damage from moving and from any unwanted moisture from the storage space. Definitely consider storing wooden furniture or furniture with any type of tiling or mosaics, as the fluctuations in temperature can cause damage to these types of pieces.

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