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POOLIFE Non-Stabilized Chlorine Tablets – 10lb


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10lb Pail POOLIFE Non-Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

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poolife® 3″ Cleaning Tablets Non-Stabilized Chlorinator are similar to poolife® 1″ Cleaning Tablets Stabilized Chlorinator, only different in size.  The tablets are slow dissolving and long lasting and kill bacteria, control algae and protect your pool’s chlorine from sunlight degradation.

Useful Tips

  • When using poolife® Cleaning Tablets Stabilized Chlorinator, shock treat at least once a week using poolife® TurboShock® shock treatment or poolife®Rapid Shock® shock treatment.
  • For best results add tablets to a new, clean skimmer, floater or automatic feeder. Always read feeder instructions before use.
  • Use your poolife® 6-Way Test Strips to test the chlorine and pH levels at least twice a week.


  1. Use only in pools with a skimmer or skimmer basket.
    Skimmer basket should be clear of all other water treatment.
  2. Place tablet in skimmer basket.
  3. Replace with a new tablet as needed. Do not mix with other products or dissolve before use.

Do not place this product in any chlorinating device. To be use in your pool skimmer basket ONLY