How To Use Your Hot Tub During The Winter

hot tub

Use Your Hot Tub in Winter A great way to escape the cold is to create a warm haven in your backyard. Your hot tub or spa are the perfect ways to stay warm in the winter. Here are our tips for using your hot tub in the winter. Invest in a Good Cover. Make […]

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Tips For Grilling In Winter

grilling in winter

Tips For Grilling In Winter When the temperatures start to drop, our first reaction is to escape to our homes and avoid braving the cold as much as possible. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to become a recluse this winter! You can actually enjoy a delicious grilled meal just like summertime! […]

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5 Tips to Enjoy Your Backyard in Winter


Winter is here and no matter how much you are dreading the cold weather, there are always ways to continue to enjoy your backyard in winter. For many homeowners, the backyard is a staple of summer living that may fade away once the snow starts to hit, but it doesn’t have to be that way. […]

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How To Prepare Your Spa For Cold Weather


Preparing Your Spa Spa owners already know this: when summer ends, hot tub usage heats up. The weather gets cooler, kids start new sports activities, and in general, everyone spends more time at home. It’s a prime season for spas and hot tubs, so make sure yours is ready for action. Consider these tips: 1. […]

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Preparing Your Outdoor Furniture For Bad Weather

outdoor furniture

OUTDOOR FURNITURE This time of the year is perfect to prepare your outdoor furniture for winter. While most furniture nowadays will stand up to the harsh winter elements, there are some things you can do to make sure it will look its best next year. After all, the happier you are with your furniture, the […]

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7 Easy Tips For Closing Your Pool This Fall

closing your pool

Closing Your Pool With summer gone, it’s time for above ground pool owners to close down their pools. Winter brings frigid temperatures and ice can cause thousands of dollars of damage to pools that aren’t prepared correctly. That makes properly closing down your pool an essential part of pool maintenance. Here are our key steps […]

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How To Protect Your Patio Furniture

protect your patio furniture

How To Protect Your Patio Furniture The heat is on and the summer sunshine is upon us! Although we love this beautiful weather, the summer sun can be damaging to patio furniture. To avoid fading paint and other sun damage, here are some tips to protect your patio furniture from the weather: 1. Get a […]

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Hot Tub Safety: Things to Watch Out For

hot tub safety

HOT TUB SAFETY The comfort of a good soak in the hot tub can make the best of us throw caution to the wind. The reality is all bodies of water, even the ones as small as a spa, can be quite dangerous. If you own a hot tub or spa, you should practice hot […]

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Cleaning Your Grill

cleaning your grill

Cleaning Your Grill Like any good relationship, you need to put some work into the one you have with your grill. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a top-of-line model or a cheap knock-off, with proper maintenance, cleaning your grill bound to keep it working a long time. Polish the Outside If you have […]

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Summer Grilling Tips

grilling tips

One of our favorite things about summertime is summer barbecues and cookouts. We know not everyone is a grill master. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of our best grilling tips to ensure you can have fun and be safe during your summer cookouts. Here are 14 of our grilling tips! The Pool and Spa Warehouse’s […]

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