Patio Furniture: How To Prepare For Spring


Clean and comfortable patio furniture helps you create a relaxing spot for your family during warm weather. Preparing your patio furniture is fairly simple and is an easy way to refresh your outdoor living space. Before you clean your furniture, assess it. Look for stains, mold or missing parts. Replace any lost foot caps or […]

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How To Prepare Your Grill For Spring


With spring on the horizon, so is the season’s first backyard cookout. If your grill has been braving winter’s storms on your back deck, it might be time to get it ready for this year’s BBQ season. Follow these simple steps to care for your grill and your neighbors will be jealous of the delicious […]

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How To Prepare For Your New Pool

pool opening

Have you been dreaming about constructing your own new pool but never had the time to make it happen? Now is the perfect time to start planning! Here are a few questions you need to start thinking about to enjoy your own backyard oasis! What can I afford? As with any large purchase or project, […]

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Pool Tips: How To Choose The Size of Your Above-Ground Pool

above-ground pool

Once you’ve decided to get a swimming pool, you have an endless array of options so that you get the pool that is best for you and your family. You can pick the shape, the material, extras that can be installed around the pool, and, sometimes the most important factor of all, height. If your […]

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Why You Need A Spa In Your Backyard

spa in your backyard

Have you ever considered installing a spa for your home? A spa can be a fun and relaxing way for you to spend your time. There are many benefits to having a spa put in. Here are a few reasons why you should install a spa in your backyard this summer. A Spa In Your […]

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Cleaning Your Pool: Broken Glass

cleaning your pool

Broken glass near or in a pool is a hazard for your family and guests, and cleaning your pool in this event is a delicate process. Not only is it hard to see in the pool or on the ground, but it’s also difficult to clean in a safe way. Here are 3 ways we […]

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